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🌷 Into the wild with 20x200 🍄

Hello all you happy campers! It’s National Great Outdoors Month and National Camping Month. How could you resist celebrating both? At 20x200 we’re always looking for art that connects us to the natural world. And while we may not always be the best rock climbers or tent setter-uppers, we certainly have the adventurous art to make us feel like we are! 

Ah, the great outdoors. Head out of the house and go for a nature walk with Fares Micue. And then get your feet wet with Alice Gao. Immerse yourself in flora with Anna Atkins. All the while, watching the sun move across the sky with Jen Hewett.  

As we get back to (safely) exploring near and far, we can’t help but marvel at the wonder of the natural world. And neither could many of our artists! The outdoors is their frequent subject for good reason. So hammer down those tent stakes and head over here for art that’s nothing but a breath of fresh June air