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For Father's Day, dads deserve art 🎨

This Father’s Day, gift dad more than just a doodad—gift art! Yes, all you art lovers young and old, Father’s Day is coming up fast, which means it’s time to celebrate all the papa figures in your life. We’re talking biological dads, doggy dads, your fun uncle. And we mustn't leave out all those dad joke specialists. Or the teacher you accidentally called dad before you fully woke up. (Hey, it happens to the best of us!) 

No matter if your dad is sassy or sporty, outdoorsy or fashionable, or a combination of beautiful adjectives too long to type out, we have you covered! Head on over to our curated Art for Dads collection to bang out all that Father’s Day shopping. And maybe get something special for yourself while you’re at it! Just be sure to get in your framed orders by 6/3 and unframed and artist-made orders by 6/10 so everything will arrive by the big day. Thank you, dads!