Green art for the Emerald Isle 🍀

Happy St. Paddy’s! This year, we’re going full-blown Kiss Me, I’m Irish. We’ve whipped up some beer bread and a warm shepherd’s pie and we encourage everyone to do the same. But with all that food and booze, don’t forget to save room for some art

Starting two-hundred years ago, when the Irish began to emigrate from Ireland en masse, St. Patrick’s Day evolved into a mostly secular celebration of Irish culture. Now, there’s no better way to honor the Emerald Isle than with a parade, music, and a great deal of green

This year, in recognition of our Irish compatriots, we’ve curated a collection of our grandest, greenest art. So mix yourself a Blarney Stone cocktail–that’s Irish whiskey, anisette, Triple Sec, and maraschino ya’ll–and check out our full St. Paddy’s Day collection here

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