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Bright Delight: In the Studio with Kindah Khalidy


Step into Kindah Khalidy’s artmaking HQ and there's a high probability you'll consider setting up camp. One look at her airy, paint-spattered Mission studio calls to mind the color-packed pieces she creates. Her free-wheeling artworks are the ultimate sight for sore eyes—we’d go so far as to say they're utterly uplifting. Below, the Bay Area based artist gives us the 411 on her creative process, how to set aside space for inspiration, and her very relatable relationship to that crucial AM cup of coffee (+ so much more).   – Team 20x200

Studio Speak
Where's your studio?
In the Mission District of San Francisco, and I have a little converted garage in my house.

What's your favorite tool in the studio?
Glue gun, no explanation necessary. They’re just the best.

What do you wear when working in the studio?
I tried wearing my “paint clothes” but I usually end up wearing whatever is comfortable. I have paint on everything. Sneakers, no heels.

What's the first thing you do when you arrive at your studio?
Ask myself, “Do I need coffee?” Usually yes. Then I will get the space organized for whatever I’m working on.

What's on your in-studio playlist?
Prince and Depeche Mode.

What's your work style? Late nights? Intense creative bursts? Slow and steady wins the race?
All day everyday. It’s mostly business stuff and less about painting. Thats why I work long hours, so I can make sure to get the fun parts into my day.

What's your favorite way to procrastinate in the studio?
I actually don’t! It takes so long to commute there that when I arrive, I go to work. I waste a lot of time in traffic.

Which artists' 20x200 editions do you most covet?
I have my eye on the Animal Locomotion series - they’re so iconic and simple.

Kindah's pup Bowie holds down the fort.

Whens, Hows & Whys

When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist and how did you get there?
I was always into making art, but decided to be an artist about 8 years ago. I made sure to do other jobs that didn’t involve painting, so that I wouldn’t have to compromise my artwork.

How do you get over creative blocks?
I try to go outside, and see new scenery. Or just push through whatever it is I’m working on. Often it will come out bad, but it gets you through the block.  

What do you like best about 20x200?
I like that you can build a diverse collection, all in one place. There’s so much to choose from.

Why do you think it's important to have a dedicated work space for your art? What advice would you give to artists looking to build a creative work space?
It makes it easy so that you can have a routine with your work. Just setting up and taking down a space takes a lot of time. Start with a small corner or put together a kit that you can take anywhere. Work with what you have, and don’t use not having a space as an excuse. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Want more? Khalidy's working with Quarry Books on a painting book and kit called Once Upon a Colorful Canvas, filled with original prompts and painting activities for all ages. Roll like the 20x200 team and preorder your copy nowza!



The 411 on Kindah Khalidy
Kindah Khalidy is an artist and textile designer working in California. Her ongoing series of paintings and sculptures coincide with limited editions of a textile-driven line of ready to wear clothing and accessories.

Professional Site: Kindah Khalidy     Instagram: @kindahkhalidy    Tumblr: kindah