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Keeping time, artfully. ⌛

It’s time to get organized! 2023 left us thinking “where did the time go??” But this year, we’re keeping track and keeping time, artfully of course. Start the year off right with Cosmic Peace Studio’s Months & Days Perpetual Calendar for a brightly buildable, reusable, and endlessly customizable calendar that’ll keep you busy all year long. Or create your own calendar in one of e bond’s gorgeous handmade Remnants journals. These blank one-of-a-kind notebooks are works of art in themselves and worthy of desk centerpiece status.

You’ve got your calendar sorted, now let’s find some arty motivation for perfect punctuality and time well spent for the year ahead. Stay on schedule amidst the hustle and bustle of Tempo of the City. Or maybe you’re more of a freewheeling, anti-alarm, get-there-when-I-get-there kinda vibe—we see you. Whatever your schedule looks like, be sure to use your time wisely and save some time for yourself too! Here’s to a great time in 2024!

Keeping time (artfully)