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Letterpress your luck: stock up on these tactile treats.

Sun #1 by Jen Hewett

How do we love letterpress prints? Let us count the ways … End to end, letterpress printing taps into elements of drawing, design, color theory, typography, printmaking and more. Even after the imagery’s ready, there’re layers of creative labor that go into the final artwork. Strikes in the paper are tangible memories of the printing process, careful inking and crisp impressions testaments to an artful touch. There’s a tactility to letterpress pieces that sets them apart from prints made by other methods, a handcrafted, appealingly artifactual feel. The textures will catch your eye and call you in for closer inspection. And good thing! You’ll be rewarded for those second and third glances with a sense of your letterpress print’s super specialness.

It might seem like a tall ask for a printing technique that dates back to the 15th century, but letterpress never stops surprising us. Take a turn through our letterpress editions below and peep these palpable pieces for yourself. There's work from Kennedy Prints, Jessica Hische, Jen Hewett, and a handful of other talented artists. Just remember you won’t get the full wow factor 'til you can hold these prints in your hand. That moment’s absolutely worth clearing some wall space for.

Want more art that goes beyond our classic pigment prints? Peruse our Artist-Made collection. You'll find textile pieces, ceramics, original drawings, wood works, enamel pins, and of course some fantastic letterpress to fawn over, among other dimensional delights. 

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Wash Your Hands by Jessica Hische

Full-time Feminist by Western Editions

LWA 10.17 by Kennedy Prints


I Support Public Libraries by Kennedy Prints