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New! A match made in art heaven 🔥

Hey, hot stuff! Y’all adored Collin Garrity’s Ceramic Egg Candles and Melike Carr’s Moon Votives, so we’ve got a little something new that’ll really light your fire—literally! Introducing the artiest boxes of Matches you ever did see from Archivist Gallery

These aren’t your average matchboxes. Measuring in at a satisfyingly substantial 4.3”x4.3”x2” chonk, these gorgeously designed boxes house extra large matches ideal for lighting all kinds of hard to reach sculptural luminaries. And for all you trigger happy candle connoisseurs, no worries if you fly through these. Once the matches are used up, these sturdy boxes become the perfect pretty perch for all your catch-all needs. (Never lose those bobby pins again!)

Choose from nine different designs ranging from familiar vintage imagery to fun poppy graphics—a match for every vibe. Nothing can extinguish our love of art for everyone and everywhere!

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