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New! How ‘bout some toast with those eggs?

Is that the breakfast bell we hear? We’ve got a fresh baked batch of Collin Garrity candles hot and ready. What’s on the menu, you ask? Behold! The Ceramic Toast Candle.

Made of speckled “multigrain” stoneware, this 4”x4” handmade candle holder features a small inset square perch for a pat of beeswax “butter”. Each Ceramic Toast Candle comes with two tealights for a little extra buttah!

All you brekkie buffs were over easy with joy when we introduced Garrity’s Ceramic Egg Candle, so how could we not complete this brunchtime bonanza. Eggs without toast is simply a s-candle.

Snag a slice for yourself and one for a fellow loaf lover. Or pair it with an egg candle for a real balanced breakfast. Crumb to think of it, that would make for a perfect toast-ess gift, amirite? Last but not yeast, top it off with some arty Matches from Archivist Gallery. Then you’ll really be the toast of the season!

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