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New! A summer salve from Jessica Zollman

Tranquil Teal by Jessica Zollman
10"x8" ($40) | 14"x11" ($85) | 20"x16" ($275) | 24"x20" ($775) | 40"x30" ($1,450)

Greetings, collectors! It’s been quite the summer scorcher lately, so we called upon 20x200 artist and photog phenom Jessica Zollman for some much needed ice cold comfort. Find some sweet summertime solace in our newest edition: Tranquil Teal.

Shot in 2022 on a particularly piercing winter day in Portland, Oregon, Tranquil Teal is a tactile treat of one of Zollman’s favorite themes, what she refers to as “nature in unnatural settings”. Amidst the stillness of a city-halting snowstorm, a classic Chevrolet, draped in a thin layer of glistening ice crystals and a delicate dusting of snow, takes center stage. The vibrant teal hue of the vintage automobile contrasts beautifully with the pristine white of the snow and the shimmering ice.

It’s a spectacular, serendipitous moment, forever suspended. That’s one of the things Zollman likes most about her medium. It allows her to pin, like a butterfly in a shadowbox, the rare, passing experiences that are precious to her. And much like her earlier editions—Bougainvillea Galaxie and Opuntia—a Zollman signature zippy teal is on full display.

The subject matter of Tranquil Teal may be frigidly focused, but Zollman’s zoomed-in composition and poppy color palette makes for a wonderfully abstract study of texture and geometry. A love note to silky snowfall in winter, and a satisfying salve for the swelter of summer. Forget seasonality, Tranquil Teal is a timeless classic fit for year-round admiration. 

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