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New! Botanical tea towel from Caitlin Parker

Greetings, collectors! This ever-so-slight nip of autumn air has got us whipping out those whisks for some much missed fall cooking. Here to herald in the season of spice is a brand new exclusive tea towel designed by our very own goddess of the garden, Caitlin Parker. The Double Luck Tea Towel is a salute to fresh forage and a celebration of seasons.

These 19”x28” tea towels are made with 100% cotton (machine washable), and are as gorgeous as they are handy! With the heartiest of feasting and family holidays just around the corner, Double Luck makes for a perfect gift for an artful host. Or maybe treat your own kitchen to an enduring burst of that summer sunshine hue to carry you through the colder months.

Using botanicals grown and gathered in her own gardens in upstate New York and California, Parker presses, paints, and prints these delightfully detailed designs using the plants themselves as stamps—a technique she uses in her popular Flower Stamped Linen Panel. Once the specimen is collected, carefully and mindfully so as to preserve the living plant, it’s placed in a large home-made press in Parker’s studio. Once dried, it can then be coated with paint and printed on fabric to create a composition that captures the distinct texture and character of each unique plant.

Why so lucky? Parker curated this unique selection of stems with special symbolism in mind. Composed of Queen Anne’s Lace, Maidenhair Ferns, Lily of the Valley, Yarrow, and Sage, these towels evoke resilience, protection, sanctuary, refuge, and of course, good luck. But the real star of the show and bringer of bonne chance is the Dogwood quartet. Much like the shamrock, these four blooms with four petals are heralds of good fortune fit for the happiest of homes.

Don’t test your luck, best your luck! Snag a Double Luck Tea Towel for yourself and a friend before they’re gone. Spruce up your snacking space, adorn that oven, or even drape it over your shoulder as a stylish hint that yes, you made that meal all by yourself!

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