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Art for NYC lovers—135 yrs since Lady Liberty landed!

Most New Yorkers would be hard pressed to tell you the last time they saw the Statue of Liberty up close, let alone set foot on Liberty Island—but that doesn’t mean we love our Lady any less! She symbolizes freedom, enlightenment, endurance, come-as-you-are open-mindedness ... Besides, as national monuments go, a mighty woman with a torch is something we can get behind.

To commemorate the 135th anniversary of the arrival of this gargantuan gift from France, and show some love for her Big Apple home base, we’ve assembled a collection of NYC-centric artworks. Get your fill of Gotham below.

And while we’re talking about testaments to liberty, democracy, and justice—today is Juneteenth, which should go ahead and be declared a national holiday already. (You can sign a petition here.) Read up on the significance of June 19th, 1865 if you need a refresher. And keep an eye on our socials this weekend: we’ll be spotlighting some Black artists from history to celebrate.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Watercolor New York by Stamen Design

Cheese Store, 276 Bleecker St by Berenice Abbott

Ideal Bookshelf 364: NYC by Jane Mount

Glamour Break Diva (#2) by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Books Are Magic by Jenny Kroik

Jones Beach Dream (boardwalk) by Chris Mottalini

Harlem Tenement in Summer, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

New York skyline, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Fly TWA New York, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Going Under by Jorge Colombo

NYC Metro Air Traffic 3/18/18 by Pete Mauney

Food Cart on Gansevoort Street by Julia Rothman

Rockaway Beach, Food Concession, 1940, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Harlem Street Scene by Charles Henry Alston

Counter Intuitive by Margot Guralnick

Central Park, Model Boat Regatta, 1962, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Coney Island, Luna Park and Surf Avenue, 1912, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Off Season by Joseph O. Holmes

New York City (ISS045-E-066112), a 20x200 Space Edition