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On This Day in 2016: Leah Giberson's 20x200 Debut

On This Day in 20x200 History…

On This Day in 20x200 History celebrates all the hard work that goes into producing Art for Everyone, taking a look back at some of the incredible works we’ve released over the years. So hop in that time machine, today we’re traveling back to 2016!

On this fine April day in 2016, we released our debut edition with painter Leah Giberson: Floral Shade. Shortly after, we added the sublime September Shade.

These color-packed pieces are soaked in suburban nostalgia. Giberson’s interest in empty lawn chairs is almost archaeological in nature—she’s drawn to them as if they were abandoned ruins. There are tales told in the empty spaces, evidence of bonds formed and conversations had. Looking at the pair of chairs in Floral Shade and September Shade, one might imagine breaking out this set for the first use of the season, maybe filling their hollows with a grown-up and a little one sitting side-by-side on a gorgeous spring day.

Silver Cover by Leah Giberson

From the delightfully retro rides featured in Palms Spring Pacer, Trailer Flash, and Silver Cover to the pristine piscine portrayed in French Dip, Giberson has consistently wowed us with her intensely detailed process. And most recently, she took us for an irresistibly alluring spring break Dip in the Night. Read more about Giberson’s painstaking process and genuine joy for artmaking on the blog:

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