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New! Pendulums + printmaking = big art energy

Fragments I by Alexis Nutini

8"x10" ($40) | 11"x14" ($85) | 16"x20" ($275) | 20"x24" ($775) | 30"x40" ($2,650)

Greetings, collectors! Today, we’ve got a double debut from new 20x200 artist and Philadelphian printmaking phenom Alexis NutiniFragments I and Fragments II are two powerhouse pieces showcasing Nutini’s masterful printmaking prowess. Both parts of a whole and showstopping studies within themselves, these two digital print reproductions reveal the vivid and multilayered range of printmaking as an art practice. 

Nutini’s Fragments I and II celebrate the art of the process—the fruit of many projects come together. Beginning with circles and rings printed from woodcut blocks in traditional color wheel studies, Fragments I and II then come alive with striking spirals created with a harmonograph drawing apparatus. Employing pendulums, the harmonograph produces analog images as it swings and loses momentum creating an organic dynamism. By layering these distinct methods, Nutini achieves moiré effects and unexpected optical illusions further amplified when he cuts dramatic compositions from the whole piece giving form to his aptly titled Fragments.

Born in Mexico City, Nutini has honed his mastery of printmaking steadily through years of study, practice, and experimentation. He currently runs Dos Tres Press, a a printshop in south Philadelphia where he maintains a print publishing business and develops collaborative print-based projects. He focuses on the exploration of relief printmaking techniques through hand-carved, reduction woodblock printing, and the digital technology of platemaking with Computer Numerical Control routing.

Combining his years of training and genuine joy of experimentation and discovery, Nutini has built an art practice where the process of creation is every bit as beautiful as the final result. Always saving unfinished work for future inspiration, his casual, incomplete studies often transform into breathtaking final pieces through a mesmerizing—and often meditative—process that he shares on social media. We highly recommend you escape to Nutini’s world and enjoy these hypnotically vibrant videos. And don’t forget to snap up Fragments I and Fragments II—these limited edition prints are just the high vibrations you need.

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