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Pin party! So much newness in the art pin department

Lapel Pins by Adam J. Kurtz

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We’ve got new art pins for the picking! Introducing Lapel Pins—four styles of sass-infused fabulosity from Brooklyn based artist and author Adam J. Kurtz. Each one comes attached to a card you can fill out before giving them as a gift … if you can resist keeping them all for yourself (good luck with that).

We’ve also added to our assortment of Jane Mount’s ever-popular Book Pins. The Joy Luck Club! Goodnight Moon! Leaves of Grass! A bibliophile bonanza. There’s new art-nerd excellence from Pin Museum in the mix, too.

Thinking about holiday gifting yet? Stocking stuffer-sized pins are a great “little something” to give, injecting art into the everyday for starting from $5 a pop. Plus, with three different pin artists and 60+ styles in our collection, there’s bound to be a stickable wonder for everyone on your list. Peep all our new pins on the blog, or see every pin we offer over here.

BONUS: You can wrap all of those pin purchases up in a box with the world’s cutest gift wrap: Ideal Bookshelf Wrapping Paper, another stroke of Jane Mount genius. Based on her brilliant Ideal Bookshelf painting series, each roll features three sets of books—classic novels, tween faves, and quintessential cookbooks. The holiday gifting hurdles have met their match.

The Left Hand of Darkness by Jane Mount

Goodnight Moon by Jane Mount

Dune by Jane Mount

Leaves of Grass by Jane Mount

The Joy Luck Club by Jane Mount

Invisible Man by Jane Mount

East of Eden by Jane Mount

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Jane Mount

Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge by Pin Museum

No Flash Photography by Pin Museum

Gabrielle d'Estrées and One of Her Sisters by Pin Museum

3 Segments by Pin Museum

Exquisite Corpse by Pin Museum

The Scream by Pin Museum

A Friends in Need by Pin Museum

Composition by Pin Museum

The Last Supper by Pin Museum

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