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Reading rainbow! Kid’s lit + colorful art to keep your crew content

Know some kiddos who could use a little screen-free indoor entertainment? We love legos, pillow forts, and messy art projects as much as the next person (probably more, tbh) but we’re particularly fond of activities that require zero cleanup. Enter: children’s books! Ok sure, maybe keeping the kids occupied with books isn’t a novel idea (see what we did there?), but one can never have enough reading recs. So voila! Our very own abbreviated list of children’s books we, a group of fully grown adults, would be excited to crack open with or without wee ones around.

Of course we had to put an arty spin on it—we’ve paired each of the kid-tastic tomes with 20x200 art. (Which, BTW is another kid-friendly activity in and of itself. Unleash your youths on a fun book + art pairing project!) And you better believe our roundup includes some rad books illustrated by 20x200 artists. See all of our pairings below.


All Hail the Queen and Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists

The Snowy Day and African American Women's Army Corps in the Snow

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Snack Chat

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Letters

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World Under the Sea and Sea Creatures at the American Museum of Natural History

Corduroy and #51

Strega Nona and Slurp

Hello Hello and Carnivora

Goodnight Moon and AS11-44-6667 (Full Moon View from Apollo 11)

Sheep in a Jeep and Red & White
Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Ten Largest, No. 7, Adulthood, Group IV

Where the Wild Things Are and someday

Maggie's Treasure and Arranging the Rainbow

Harriet the Spy and New York Skyline