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The best enrichment 🎈 (And a gift your kid could still have at 80.)

Have you heard? School’s out! The summer—and time for leisure, imagination, and play—is surely stretching endlessly before those little kiddos, and they’ll soon lose track of time. This is a season where children can receive creative enrichment in different forms from what they get in class, and ART is the way to do it.

Start ‘em young – the Letters by William Wegman, a series of black and white poloroids of Wegman’s Weimaraners shot from above, are great gifts for newborns, or anyone learning to read. Older kids can find joy in drawings of dinosaurs and sea creatures, archival photographs of their heroes, and representations of kids like them doing cool kid things. Of course, animal art, explorations of color and form, and depictions of the natural world are evergreen for ANY age (we’re looking at you too, mom and dad). And you can never go wrong with an ice cream cone (although it WILL prompt them to beg for soft serve).

The reason many of us are in this business—and maybe the reason you’re reading this email—is because of some form of art we were exposed to at a young age. In fact, you may still have art from your childhood. Endless thanks to those who gave us that great gift! Now it’s your turn.