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We Can Do Better.

Signs in the windows of a Marcus Garvey club in the Harlem area by Gordon Parks
We’ve never shied away from voicing our progressive political opinions around here; these opinions are often expressed in the art itself and/or in the essays that accompany them. We’re proud of the values that drive these choices, but we’ve fallen short in expressing those values in one crucial way: namely via the diversity of our artist roster. People of color are really underrepresented, and we’re especially lacking when it comes to Black contemporary artists.

That underrepresentation is something we’re actively working to address. We’re taking a fresh approach as we search for new artists to collaborate with, and you can expect to see a broader range of artists represented going forward. We’re super grateful to have an amazing array of resources to guide us, and wanted to share some of them with you.

Black Contemporary Art
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
En Foco
Okay Africa
Jack Shainman Gallery

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John Edwin Mason
Qiana Mestrich
Kimberly Drew
Antwaun Sargent
Black Contemporary Art
Photographers of Color

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Dope Black Art
Black Art Incubator
Support Black Art

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