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What the FAQ?

What makes 20x200 prints so special?

We work with artisan craftspeople to produce prints with the same care and materials you’d find at high-end galleries. Each print is exclusive to 20x200, and contemporary artist prints include a Certificate of Authenticity that's been signed by the artist. We work closely with all our artists to ensure their editions are presented according to their intentions.

Something we're especially proud of: contemporary artists get paid for every single print we sell—supporting both them and our goal to help every one of them quit their day jobs to make art full-time.

What are Vintage & Space Editions?

For our Vintage Editions series, our curators scour historical archives for both timeless classics and heretofore unseen gems. Carefully remastered by our retoucher and contextualized by our written research, these images come back to life as exhibition-quality prints now available to everyone. As a bonus, purchasing equals patronage: sales from Vintage Edition prints go towards supporting our growing roster of artists.

I have so much art! How can I build a gallery wall?

One of our favorite things about a gallery wall is its flexibility—it’s the Cirque du Soleil of art collecting. In the spirit of mixing things up, we’ve got countless tips and tricks for making your tried and true gallery wall feel fresh again.

Help! I need gift ideas.

We’re not biased at all. We just happen to know that art makes an amazing gift. It’s personal, it’s long-lasting, and it’ll remind a loved one of how thoughtful you are for years to come. Still, gift-giving art is…an art.

Luckily, we have just the guide for you.

What is custom framing?

Want your art to arrive ready to hang? We offer high-quality custom framing for all our prints—sturdy, stylish, archival, and expertly built by hand. Protected from the sun, pollution, heat, and humidity, your piece arrives ready-to-hang and fully protected for years to come.

Not sure about custom framing? Learn everything you need to know about framing your art.