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HBD Berenice Abbott! A toast to timeless classics

This Monday would have been mid-20th century photography phenom Berenice Abbott’s 125th birthday! We kicked off the festivities with a brand new release of a carefully remastered limited edition print of her 1936 photograph Manhattan Bridge, Looking Up. And today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite Abbott editions we’ve released over the years.

Abbott had a deep and defining love for New York City. In her 30’s-era Changing New York series, Abbott documented the city’s many metropolitan transformations over a decade of perpetual change. The project led to her most recognizable work, and some of the most iconic images of NYC ever made. It also solidified her as one of the greatest American artists in history.

Our extensive collection of Abbott images are selects from that same series—looking through Abbott’s expertly angled lens at store windows, skyscrapers, busy sidewalks, and a few of the Big Apple’s famous bridges. Whether you’re a black & white photography fan, an art history time traveler, or just a diehard Gotham-lover with great taste, our limited-edition, painstakingly restored prints of the renowned photographer’s work will be up your alley. Collect yours today, and kick off this very important birthday week with a bang.

Work by Berenice Abbott