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Stoneware Giant Vases

  • $1,100.00
Working in my studio, I take a lot of pleasure in the playful exploration of clay, and the range and flexibility it allows me in my work. For the Stoneware Giant Vases and Mini Vase Ornaments, I wanted to make a few large statement vases, and then shrink them down. I have always loved tiny things; but I also wanted to reference 20x200's 'Art for Everyone' mindset by offering both a high and low—a serious and an accessible piece of pottery.

"Helen’s three Stoneware Giant Vases are monumental, sinuous and downright sexy works of art. Each one-of-kind piece has its own distinct vibe and formidable presence, but all of them reflect her artist’s eye for shapes and scale and her unique mastery of clay and kiln. As a counterpoint, we have her precious and full-of-personality Mini Vase Ornaments, which echo the mighty Giants in palette and form, while also having the captivating, lovable charm of being tiny, beautiful things" ... Read more from Jen Bekman on the blog!

+ Dark Brown is approx. 15.5" high, Red is approx. 16" high, and Tan is  approx. 18" high.
+ Each vase is an original, handmade artwork and varies slightly—something we particularly love about these pieces! Any imperfections in their surfaces and/or subtle variations in color are evidence of the artist at work.
+ These pieces have a glazed interior and can hold water.
+ Hand wash recommended. 
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.  

 Stoneware clay with raw clay exterior and glazed interior