Press Mention Attention: Redfin

If you’ve been angling for some art to add the finishing touches to your home, you may be all too familiar with the challenge that can present. The journey to getting one’s shit together can be a complicated one, especially when it comes to something as deeply personal and ambiance-affecting as art. Luckily, our friends at Redfin assembled this guide to the best places to buy art online—featuring yours truly!

Whether you’re looking for prints by legendary photographers like Dorothea Lange, established artists like William Wegman, or emerging talents like Kindah Khalidy, we’ve got art for everyone—and hand-crafted custom framing to boot! All the tools you need to get some gorgeous art on your walls.  

Redfin honed in on Jenny Odell’s satellite series—compiled from images the artist carefully culled from Google Maps. Odell’s 125 Swimming Pools is the perfect example of the kind of super special treasures you’ll find in our collection.

In fact, since the release of our Odell editions, Google has flown the artist out to Oklahoma to put 125 swimming pools, 206 circular farms, 77 waste and salt ponds, and 964 wastewater treatment plants on the side of their new datacenter. Cool doesn’t begin to cut it.

So what are you waiting for? Take tips from Redfin and turn to 20x200 to get that gallery wall in tip top shape.

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