20x200 Artist Spotlight: Jenny Odell June 28 2016

Jenny Odell has been serving us some spectacularly fresh perspectives from the moment we released her first edition back in 2010. Since then, we’ve featured a number of her captivating collages, including all sorts of way-above-bird’s-eye views of swimming pools, airplanes, circular farms and so much more. If you’re unfamiliar with Odell’s work, it might make sense to describe it is as a series of collections. Scouring Google Satellite View, Odell finds and isolates similar structures and infrastructures, reassembling them in puzzle-like formations against a unified background. Seen from so far above, these decontextualized groupings remind us of human impact, approaching the built environment like a wellspring of magnificent, fragile minutiae. Did we mention that Odell’s editions are downright beautiful too? In Odell’s world, waste ponds look like seaglass and industrial buildings become jewelry beads.

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Press Mention Attention: Redfin June 17 2016

If you’ve been angling for some art to add the finishing touches to your home, you may be all too familiar with the challenge that can present. The journey to getting one’s shit together can be a complicated one, especially when it comes to something as deeply personal and ambiance-affecting as art. Luckily, our friends at Redfin assembled this guide to the best places to buy art online—featuring yours truly!

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