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New! Capture Summer Forever With Christian Chaize

Who better to usher in the official start of summer than our own Christian Chaize? Today’s release, Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16, is even more adored by the 20x200 team for its nod to our very first Chaize release...

Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16 by Christian Chaize
14"x11 ($60) | 24"x20" ($600) | 40"x30" ($3,800) | 60"x50" ($6,000) | 80"x60" ($10,000)


Back in February 2009, Jen Bekman introduced our first exclusive edition with French photographer Christian Chaize: Praia Piquinia 04/08/07 16h04. The summery scene sold out at record speed and has become a much sought after edition—our collectors know: once a limited-edition 20x200 print sells out, it’s gone for good. One gorgeous coffee table book, many gallery shows, twelve more 20x200 editions, and seven full years later, Chaize hasn’t stopped photographing this bewitching beach.

Each image is a love letter of sorts to this stunning, secluded locale. Many of our Chaize editions are bespeckled by umbrellas, sunbathers, towels, tan lines, and stolen kisses, but it was only in our first Chaize edition ever that you could spot a small, inflatable navy blue raft—until today’s release. Meet Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16, which we affectionately refer to as: Return Of The Raft.

From the hidden gem of a beach, to the bright pops of sunbleached colors, to the breathtaking cliff-to-ocean views, Chaize’s Praia Piquinia series is a glimpse of a fantasy getaway. Therein lies the beauty of our newest edition: what’s to stop you from incorporating this sun-soaked, salt air dreamland into your every day? Rain or shine, seasons notwithstanding, you can be transported to this picturesque Portuguese beach, masterfully immortalized in all its easygoing glory by Christian Chaize. The perfect piece for your wall in large or small, Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16 isn’t just an art print: it’s a portal to another, far more carefree world.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200