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New Art: White Breasted Nut Hatch by Carrie Marill

White Breasted Nut Hatch   by Carrie Marill

A brand-new edition by 20x200 favorite Carrie Marill makes its springtime debut today. Get one before they fly, fly away!

White Breasted Nut Hatch by Carrie Marill
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240)  | 30"x40" ($2,400)

Greetings, and happy "it's finally above 60 degrees" to you, too. What better way to enjoy this lovely and very long-time-in-coming season than a brand new edition from 20x200 favorite Carrie Marill? We've been fans of Marill's work (as have collectors such as Todd Oldham, Missoni, Megan Mullally, Disney and The Hallmark Collection) since just about forever, and we are as cheerful as larks that we can present her spectacular new work, White Breasted Nut Hatch, to you. This delightful little bird who tends to go headfirst down tree trunks gets its name "from their habit of jamming large nuts and acorns into tree bark, then whacking them with their sharp bill to 'hatch' out the seed from the inside." 

Were you were lucky enough to see Carrie's shows at the Jen Bekman Gallery? If not, head over Phoenix, because the Lisa Sette Gallery is currently presenting new works by Carrie in their incredible show, Domesticated

Over the years, Carrie has never ceased to amaze with her sophisticated sensibilities and astute skills as she's flitted over an impressive range of subjects, all united by a consistent style and an ever-deepening interest in our relationship with the environment. These affections are not simply a product of Carrie's art practice but also of her life and the interconnectedness of the two. Carrie's enduring engagement with the environment is inspiring, and her work is literally rooted in not just what she thinks, but what she knows firsthand.  As she explains it, "I have a keen interest in the natural world. With my gouache on paper paintings, I navigate the rich history of nature illustration and combine it with a contemporary pop aesthetic." 

With art for everyone,
Jen + team 20x200