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New Art!: Poolside by Helena Wurzel

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled new release newsletter, where every Tuesday we bring you the freshest prints! This week, let's dip in to Helena Wurzel's  pop life with her brand-new edition Poolside .

Poolside by Helena Wurzel
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($250) |  24"x30" ($1,200)

This charming print—our sixth edition by Helena Wurzel and this week's new release—showcases why Helena has become a 20x200 star: brilliant colors, bold geometry, and enigmatic bathers with alluring style.  Like so many of Helena’s paintings, there’s an element of wonder about who’s being seen and by whom. Poolside might seem like a pretty familiar scene—or at least we imagine this is our mirror-perfect version of that escape. Helena’s ladies have no pimples, no ingrown hairs, no regrettable tattoos. Yes, they’re beautiful. But more than that, Helena revels in the most intimate moments of feminine self-reflection, and the mystery of trying to entangle that encounter.

You can see how she achieves that formally, like with the almost unreal aerial perspective that she’s chosen: Who perchance could have spied that particular, jutting angle of the blue pool or the poolside bather with petite, baby-ish hands? She seems about ready to float away in a daytime reverie.

Maybe she’s out to see and be seen, like so many socialites reclining on rooftops right at this moment. Or perhaps she closes her eyes in a much needed escape from the hustle-bustle, life in the fast lane, dog-eat-dog world. That’s why we see so much of David Hockney or even Alex Katz, the latter who Helena notes as two of her all-time favorite artists, in Poolside: There’s depth here beyond the cool, pristine surface.

Now before we get carried away in our own daytime reverie, we’ve got to mention that this week’s release comes with an extra special bonus. Just with this newsletter, we’re bringing back her very first 20x200 edition, Standing at the Edge of the Watera beach-y compliment to Poolside. Enjoy.

With art for everyone,
Jen + Team 20x200