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Special New Edition from Mike + Doug Starn | Structure of Thought 30

We're coming full circle with our longtime collaborators Mike + Doug Starn to release today's mysterious and mesmerizing new edition, Structure of Thought 30.

Structure of Thought 30 by Mike + Doug Starn
8"x10" ($125) | 11"x14" ($250) | 16"x20" ($750) | 24"x30" ($2,250)

We're so thrilled to be presenting new work from Mike + Doug's Structure of Thought series, which we first featured here on 20x200 way back in 2008. Structure of Thought 30 is a layered pair of archival pigment prints: one printed on vellum, and the other printed on matte 100-percent cotton-rag paper. The resulting object is a third image that's created by the interplay of the two layers—a common thread that runs through all of the works in this series.

The ingeniousness of this assemblage produces an arresting image; its crepuscular web of branches invites you inward, unfurling the mystery of how it fits together as both image and object. As the Starns write in their statement about the work, "vision doesn't work like a camera, vision is a construction."

** Framing SoT 30 **
This is a unique work: one print is meant to hover precisely above the other. We've worked behind the scenes to create a special custom frame for this edition; with it, the two prints float together perfectly. Getting the presentation of these images right was very tricky, even when working with industry experts. We strongly recommend you order the framed version and leave it to us! 

Structure of Thought 30 embodies the intense personal relationship that's possible when you live with art. Our first edition from this series has had a place of pride in my home for nearly seven years, and it continues to captivate and inspire me. It's hard to put into words, but there is just something magical in its intricacy.

It was no small challenge to create an affordable edition that faithfully conveys the presence and luminance of this body of work, and an honor as always to be entrusted with the task by Mike + Doug. The spirt of this collaboration is also an essential element of our kinship with this talented, renegade duo who care so much about making it possible for a large audience to engage with their work.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

P.S. Order your framed Structure of Thought 30 before midnight Saturday 12/6 and your order is guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.