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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Carrie Marill

Interconnected 1 by Carrie Marill

If you’re wondering why Carrie Marill’s name sounds familiar, it might be because we’ve had the pleasure of presenting 16 (!!!) editions from her. Marill has been with us since the very beginning—we released her first 20x200 edition shortly after we launched—and she’s also participated in several shows at Jen Bekman Gallery.

What keeps us coming back to Carrie Marill? Her saturated, spirited color palette and the ease with which she embraces whimsy make her art instantly irresistible. What’s more, beneath the surface her work is characterized by a profound curiosity for the world around her. She’s freely explored ideas as complex and inscrutable as string theory and mother-child relationships. Marill has said, "I use art as a tool to investigate the world." We’ve been totally fascinated by her blog posts, which give some insight into her thought process.

Most recently, her investigation has led her to create a series of sculptural paintings. She’ll debut these 3D pieces, painted on custom laser-cut panels, at her show for Conduit Gallery this September. Marill also recently wrapped up a successful solo show at Lisa Sette Gallery in June, where her pieces were described as exhibiting a “seductive balance of exuberance and restraint, [...] they’re minimal and rich, cool and warm.”

In a recent interview with Luxe Magazine, Marill reiterated her love of observing, emulating, and exploring other art. “When I see another culture’s visual language expressed, I want to learn that language,” she said. “And it is through this exploration that I create my own voice.”Though Marill is a San Francisco native, she has become a central figure in the Phoenix art scene—so much so that she’s referred to as an Arizona artist. She and her husband, fellow artist Matthew Moore, run Combine Studios, which is home to Arizona State University’s artist residency as well as Marill’s own workspace. The Gallery Director at ASU recently penned this wonderfully in-depth review of Marill’s work. We also had the chance to stop by her sunlit studio space while she was working on one of three of her public art murals, which just reaffirmed what we already knew: Carrie Marill is a one-of-a-kind creative force.