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New! This Space Edition Will Have You Over the Moon

Today, we'll fly you to the moon with our third geologic lunar map and latest Space Edition release, Near Side of the Moon!

Near Side of the Moon, a 20x200 Space Edition
8"x8" ($24) | 11"x11" ($60) | 16"x16" ($240)

We're excited to release the third in our series of geological lunar maps, Near Side of the Moon (you might even catch us dancing in the moonlight over it). While it certainly looks different from the shining—and occasionally blue—orb we're used to seeing in our night sky, it's fascinating to get a new view of our favorite (and only) Earth satellite.

How did
Near Side of the Moon come about? NASA tasked the US Geological Survey with mapping the moon to ensure safe landing for astronauts and to pinpoint areas of interest for future research. Within this group of geologists was notably Dr. Baerbel Lucchitta, one of the first women in the field of astrogeology, as well as Gene Shoemaker, the only person to be buried on the moon. This group worked from 1971 to 1997, mapping our moon as well as Mars and Jupiter's moon, Europa. (Curious about what other maps were made of our fave tide-maker? We've got North and South for you right here.)

What we love about Near Side of the Moon in particular is the juxtaposition of its seemingly random, chaotic patterns with the reality of its scientific purpose and importance. Full of bright, bespattered colors, it doesn't quite resemble our familiar moon, or look like it would inspire soothing piano movements with its soft light, but we assure you it's very much our moon. And while our edition may only be a paper moon, we know it's one you'll love.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200