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New! Collect Iceland’s Snowy North From Tom Kondrat

Bring the rugged beauty of Iceland into your home and heart with Tom Kondrat’s stark and snowy Dalvík.

Dalvík by Tom Kondrat
8"x8" ($24) | 11"x11" ($60) | 16"x16" ($240)  | 24"x24" ($1,200) | 30"x30" ($2,400)

Iceland commands a level of attention that belies its diminutive size—from the artful grace of some of our favorite musicians, to perhaps the world’s most amazing mayor, the influence of the sparse country is witnessed by the world at large.

Tom Kondrat created Dalvík during a winter spent being Iceland’s bleakness documentarian. We love Tom's work, especially this series, so much so that this is his fifth 20x200 edition, all five of which are from his Iceland series.  Many would choose to travel to Iceland during its endless summer days (which are actually endless—the sun hardly sets!), but Kondrat chose instead to visit the country in its darkest season: Winter. While photographing the seemingly harsh conditions and working with less than six hours of daylight, he found extraordinary beauty in the desolation on and off the Ring Road less-traveled. He also found balance—between the quaint martian landscapes of the north country, and the stark focus of his careful eye.

Dalvík captures Earth’s own song of fire and ice. The land is barren but fascinating: intensely punctuated with volcanos (famous for affecting air travel), ringed in black sands, heavily contrasted by deep blue glaciers and snow-capped, jagged fjords, and teeming with unexpected warmth. At first glance, the glow of the small city’s lights seem like lava flowing down the side of a snowy volcano, but it is actually the radiance of a bustling ski town.

Kondrat's work acts as an intriguing rebuttal for those who might think of Iceland as a lonesome place, instead inviting them in with a pleasant, gentle glow. While the image is undeniably stark, the heartbeat of the small town shines through the grey, bone-chilling haze, like stars in the night sky.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200