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Click List: Brand Design Brilliance + Revolutionary Black Art

Let's face it: we could fill this week's Click List with insanely cool photos of Monday's solar eclipse. (Conversely, we could fill the next fifty Click Lists with the bajillion crescent shadow snaps on our social feeds.) But really, our hot take of this celestial event is: the ISS photobombed the moon photobombing the sun. 'Nuf said. Now for the rest of this week's picks... – Team 20x200 

From MoMA to Shake Shack, Paula Scher is a branding genius (and 20x200 artist to boot). It's no surprise Tender Greens tapped the design heavyhitter to develop their new identity

The estimable John Edwin Mason (a 20x200 contributor!) penned this piece on the annual compendium of black photography.

Some houseplant air-purifying magic is a must. Peep this NASA list of the best air-cleaning indoor greenery. Of course, if you can't keep the real thing alive, you can always opt for an artwork version. 

We're filled with "Oh Joy!" from ogling this gorgeous entryway styled by Joy Cho, featuring 20x200 art by J. Otto Seibold.

Calling all artists! Recology SF's artist-in-residence program is still accepting applications—but the deadline is Sept 1st, so be speedy. 20x200 artist Jenny Odell put together her project, the Bureau of Suspended Objects, during her residency there. 

Extra, extra! Art all about it. We've got a special seasonable 30x30x30 sale kicking off this Saturday am, so look alive. Hint: pairs well with pumpkin spice lattes.


CORRECTION: Our Florine Stettheimer intro was a little confusing. To clarify, during her life Stettheimer exhibited in over forty-five preeminent art institutions, including the first Whitney Biennial, early MoMA exhibitions, the Salon d'Automne in Paris, and the first exhibition of American Art ever shown in Europe. Peep our edited post on the blog.