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Click List: What's Saving Us From News Fatigue

Kinda wanna bury your head in the sand this week? We don't blame you, but how 'bout you turn your attention to some of the cool stuff going on outside the 24-hr news cycle instead. Like how HGTV named us one of the best web destinations for decking your walls with art. Or like any of these awesome things that don't involve us having a super-indulgent Sally Field moment... – Team 20x200  

We felt like swinging by this "fauxdega" art installation by British textile artist Lucy Sparrow, selling a bodega's-worth of felt creations. 8 'Til Late will be on view the Standard High Line in NYC until June 30th, so stop by and stock up while you still can. 

We can't wait to read the latest book from 20x200 friend, A+ Twitter follow + tremendous talent Roxane Gay, whose powerful new memoir takes on the subject of food, weight, selfhood, and Hunger. See Gay on tour!

For some Jazz Age feminist feels, we're planning a field trip to the Florine Stettheimer exhibit at the Jewish Museum, open until September 24th.

A specifically-programmed AI invented and named a new range of colors. We shared the news in a Facebook post and the consensus is: computers are terrifically terrible at color naming, but "Sand Dan" the paint color is strangely appealing...

Photo by Victoria Wright for The Great Discontent
A big welcome back to the East Coast to designer, art director, and all-around awesome human, Robyn Kanner—who we'd also highly recommend you follow on Twitter. (P.S. She'll be the CreativeMornings speaker in SF next Friday.)