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Art + Lit Can’t Quit! Jane Mount’s Book Pins Are Baaaaaack

Book Pins by Jane Mount
Jane Mount’s lit-laden Book Pins are back for good! After two limited-time releases last year, the writing’s on the wall (heh): people love these Book Pins. And it ain’t just bibliophiles and book nerds, though we proudly count ourselves members of that v. cool club. Foodies, kiddos, fantasy fans, romantics, political peeps, nostalgia nuts, and film buffs with a fondness for adaptations will all find a pin to fall for—and a place to put it. We’re partial to using these pins as bookish tote bag flare, but they’re also uber cute clipped to a denim jacket or hooked on a hat.

These tiny enamel tomes perfectly capture the spirit of some seriously requisite reads: The Elements of Style, Pride & Prejudice, The Joy of Cooking, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby + so many more of our favorite titles! Plus, we’ve extended our collection to include some incredible works we’re super excited about. The Handmaid’s Tale, Lord of the Rings, The Velveteen Rabbit and 100 Years of Solitude are among the new Book Pins we’re in-fighting over.

PRO TIP: Jane Mount’s Book Pins make an absurdly good (and freakishly affordable!) holiday gift. They are also pretty much the penultimate extra present to affix onto a gift tag or slip into a stocking. And when you can’t think of anything else to get for a tricky giftee, we’ll bet there’s a Book Pin in our midst that’d do the trick. You’re welcome. Carry on with your shopping.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200