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Gifts for grads 🎓

It’s graduation season—a time of celebration, rest, reflection, and anticipation of new horizons. It’s a big milestone, worthy of commemorating with an enduring gift that’ll stand the test of time. In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity to help your grad start their own fledgling art collection!  Whether they’ll be decorating their first dorm room this summer, making moves to a new city and their first full-time job, or even taking a gap year, art is the perfect way to honor this electrifying time + to give them something that’ll remind them of this moment for many years to come.

Limited-edition, museum-quality art may not be high on their priority list of items someone embarking on a new phase in life would buy for themselves, making this gift even more meaningful. A handmade art object might send a heartfelt message, and is perfect for a moment of transition—nothing to hang. Perhaps a hand-bound journal, fresh, blank, and awaiting inspiration? Or maybe (and this is perfectly fine, and normal!) they're freaking out, and could use a way to express it.