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The art of picnicking 🍊(We take it seriously)

We're happily approaching a season of plein air feasting. If you’ve been following us for a few months, you’ll know the staff of 20x200 has been eagerly anticipating (and enjoying) meals al fresco, in all forms. As humble as a banana on a park bench or as decadent as a feast of smoky beef brisket, picnic season is savory, sweet, hot and sticky, slow and nostalgic.

Picnicking is an ancient activity—I mean, people have been eating outside since our very beginnings. What that looks like varies, and most folks are pretty opinionated about what it should entail. In our book, everything from a community event with laden tables to a low-key rendezvous in a field (read: bring anything and you'll need to use locations services to find us) is exciting. For everyone, though, it’s about celebrating hospitable weather, abundance, company, rest, and relaxation. Grab your picnic basket and head out there—and then come back here for some art to commemorate it.