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Yas green! Take your color cues from four-leaf clovers.

Sans Titre 21 by Christian Chaize

Green is a super symbolic color, so it packs a real punch in any art collection. It hints at renewal and balance, clarity and well-being, nature and optimism. An emerald shade might be grounding, a chartreuse energizing. Seafoam feels restorative, and lime refreshing. It’s a generally optimistic color, and quite frankly, we could use more of that. And of course, green’s also about to have its biggest day of the year, care of the patron saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day is next Wednesday—which isn’t just an excuse to set aside some weekend time to whip up soda bread or sip on Irish coffee. It’s also a great reminder that green is a good look all year. Parades may be on pause, but we’ve got plenty of gorgeous green art to keep your yearly dose of luck on lock. Collect these limited editions before someone else scoops them up, or you’ll be (ahem) green with envy.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Feral Church #2 by James Griffioen

Machu Picchu, Holy Mountain series by Rudy Shepherd

SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 by Scout Regalia

 Ode to the Durag (Black is thicker than hair butter) by Morel Doucet

Plate 26: Carolina Parrot by John James Audubon

Peacock by Ohara Koson

Persea: Blakeman, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Salmon Hole (Chico, California) by Youngna Park

Hiking—WPA recreation project, Dist. No. 2, a 20x200 Vintage Editions

Doggu Baggu by Jason Polan

206 Circular Farms by Jenny Odell

Eivind by Michelle Arcila


Word Bubble Wall Panels by Martha Rich

My backyard, Tivoli, NY 7/10/14 by Pete Mauney

Lizard Range, British Columbia by Jessica Zollman

Boombox by Hollis Brown Thornton

Plant Parenthood by Michelle Rial