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Art Loves Lit! Print + Book Pairings by Novelist Emma Fusco-Straub

What happens when your fave neighborhood bookstore closes, leaving a wistful, once word-filled absence in its wake? Open your own! At least that’s what miraculous multi-hyphenate Emma Fusco-Straub decided to do. And we’re awfully glad she did—though Books Are Magic opened just this past May, this superlative independent bookstore has already established itself as a local hotspot, fit for hardcore book lovers and dabblers alike, with an events program that’s killing the game (and they’re just getting started!).

Besides co-owning the aforementioned cool-kid Brooklyn bookstore, Fusco-Straub is also an acclaimed novelist, and mom to two adorable boys (if you ask us, the main motivation for stalking her on Instagram). Fusco-Straub also happens to be an OG 20x200 collector and a long-time supporter of our artists, having done various collaborations with Helena Wurzel, Jason Polan and Jane Mount. Below, the author hand-picked and paired 20x200 prints with lit, letting the invisible connections speak for themselves—the newest installment in our Literary Gallery series...

"I think both books and art offer invitation from the outside—a book needs to be read, just like a piece of art needs to be seen. It's the participation that completes the project." – Emma Fusco-Straub

Columbus Circle, Manhattan, 1938 & Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer

Some Luck & Typical Cows

Papillons, Plate 7 & Edie: American Girl

Not That Kind of Girl & Dress Like A Woman

Why You Shouldn't Live in New York & Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

Untitled (a) & A Visit From the Goon Squad


The 411 on Emma Fusco-Straub
Emma Fusco-Straub is a novelist (Modern Lovers, her most recent book, just came out in paperback) and the owner of Books Are Magic, an independent bookstore in Brooklyn. She is tall and likes cheese and has two very handsome sons.