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Click List: What We’re Oohing Over Post-Fireworks

Few things are capable of rallying us out of a sweet, sweet, BBQ and sunshine-induced stupor. And don’t say "cold shower" ‘cause we tried it and it just made us miss the pool. Thankfully, the interwebs is here to help. Some light mining of our overflowing inboxes and a mild social media sesh reminded us of some of the awesome things other people are up to—and what’s more motivating than keeping up with the cool kids? Besides, we can eat more watermelon in our swimsuits while avoiding our responsibilities as soon as the weekend rolls around... – Team 20x200

You *are* beautiful and this Kickstarter wants to spell that out unequivocally. 20x200 friend + Art for Everyone enthusiast Matthew Hoffman is behind these uplifting installations. If you want one in your city, help fund his 50 state adventure

Honesty is the best policy, which is why we're all for this straight-shooting Mike Monteiro edition. Also why we're not embarrassed to admit we squealed with glee when we saw how good it looks next to this collector's Brendan George Ko edition and that killer removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper.

Too pretty to eat? We're team eat it anyway, but one Moscow bakery is making it super hard to stick to our guns by churning out these "brushstroke" frosting stunners—complete with slices of colored chocolate. Until we get our hands on one, we'll fill our walls with all kinds of cake.

Your closet called...and it won't be satisfied 'til you take home one of each of these cool (and crazily well-priced) Jason Polan x Uniqlo collab pieces.

Happy Golden Anniversary to our friends at Chronicle Books! Listen to longtime 20x200 supporter + Chronicle Books CEO Nion McEvoy talk about 50 years of publishing on KQEDRadio.