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Lit it and quit it: a book + art interlude c/o YA author Kayla Cagan

When books and art get together, there's an opportunity for next-level harmonizing. We can't think of a person more perfectly poised to take on that task than YA novelist, art obsessee, and true blue 20x200 fan Kayla Cagan.

Cagan is a lifelong wordnerd and self-proclaimed theater geek, but fine art has also been a creative undercurrent for the writer since day one. First of all, Cagan is an OG 20x200 collector (woop!). Beyond that, Cagan’s childhood bestie was an artist, and reading about artists' lives became one of the author’s favorite pastimes. That art-minded background led Cagan to her debut novel, a YA treasure called
Piper Perish — the diary of a Texan high school senior hell bent on an NYC art education. Piper Perish has been praised all over the place. An editor at Chronicle called it “once-in-a-lifetime important”. Teen Vogue wrote, “there may not be another book published … that is more perfect for artistic [readers] who love stability yet crave adventure”. Suffice it to say the scintillating intersection of print and prose is right in Cagan's wheelhouse.

Good news: you can snack on Cagan’s sumptuous synergistic abilities in this Literary Gallery. She whipped up pairings that’ll feed your art and story-lovin’ soul. Even good
er news: her next novel, Art Boss is coming out via Chronicle Books in October 2018, so when this quick read leaves you wanting more you’ve got something to look forward to...

"Like food and drink, books and art are meant to go together. Sometimes it's a pairing of the modern and vintage to create an introspective taste, and sometimes it's complimentary pieces from the same time or ideology to provide a powerful punch. I pair books and art because my mind naturally works like that, matching patterning and habits and contrasting and comparing verbal and visual stories. It's no secret I'm a fan of 20x200. Jen Bekman, curator, creator, small business owner, and tastemaker has been a huge influence on me ever since I met her years ago at SXSW. She's funny, she's smart, she's egalitarian, she cares - and it shows in the 20x200 website. 20x200 provides creative inspiration and motivation for me, and most of all, it allowed me to feel like we could afford to buy art—real art, good art, fun art—when we were first starting out. It's one of my happy places online, and now on our walls." —Kayla Cagan, author of Piper Perish and the forthcoming Art Boss

Yes Please & The Edible Woman

The Martian & Views of the extravehicular activity during STS-41-B

Plate 431: American Flamingo & Birds of America

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle & Display of home-canned food

Torus Interior AC75-2621 5718 & The Regional Office is Under Attack!

Meditations in an Emergency & jsc2012e052676

Animal Locomotion: Plate 38 (Woman Opening Parasol) & American Wife

Her Body and Other Parties: Stories & Verlag 3

Lolie, Jumping on the Bed, 2013 & Piper Perish

The Wedding Date & We Are So Good Together (blue)

The 411 on Kayla Cagan
Kayla Cagan’s debut novel PIPER PERISH was described as “soulful reading for any artistic teen with a dream,” by Booklist. Her next novel, ART BOSS, also with Chronicle Books, is out in October 2018.