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New! Ariel Lee's luminous landscape 🌄

10"x8" ($40) | 14"x11" ($85) | 20"x16" ($275)  

 30"x24" ($1,450) | 40"x30" ($2,650) | 50"x40" ($5,300)

Greetings collectors!  It’s Jen here, excited as always to introduce our latest edition to all of you. Looking for a dose of color to banish those “omg, this winter has been endless” blahs? We gotchu! Morning Sun Up To Forester Pass—our second edition by California painter Ariel Lee—is just the glow-up you need to do away with those blues.

Lee’s luscious landscapes are a celebration of color and nature, with a dash of magic thrown in. As an avid hiker and climber, Lee spends lots of time out in nature. Without attempting to replicate these moments, she memorializes them with images deepened by memory and imbued with the intensity of emotion that she must have felt during these encounters.

The hints of abstraction in this piece echo how memory often enhances and/or embellishes an experience. There’s an impossible wildness to this, but the purity of her experience comes through so well. With this wildness, there's something so distinctive and soothing about her work, a combo of her palette—which is often unexpected and a bit off-kilter—and a technique that combines the vibes of watercolor washes/tones and pointillism.

Morning Sun Up To Forester Pass is a beautiful thing to behold in and of itself, but I also see it as an exhortation to get out there yourself. To clear your head, to feel the crunch of earth beneath your feet, to be humbled by the magic of our natural world and to make some memories of your own.

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