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As far as the (artist's) eye can see 🌄

A couple of weeks ago, we meditated on our love for the urban hellscape—EXCUSE me, landscape—and then we took a deep breath of fresh air as we released our newest edition—a jaw-dropping vista by Ariel Lee. So it’s the perfect opportunity to dote on the more traditional landscape, especially since we are on spring’s doorstep. The grass is almost greener!

It’s a wild task to capture imagery of something so immense, ubiquitous, and ever-changing as simply…the natural world around us. The beauty of this challenge is in the plethora of perspectives artists bring to it. From expansive vistas to hidden gullies, we’re piecing together a picture of our shared world. From there, we invite you to step all the way back, until all that can be seen is the curve of the earth.