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New! Ceramicist Ariana Heinzman makes her colorful debut.

Happy December, collectors! To kick off this month of merry, we’ve got a double debut of spectacular ceramic editions from Washington-based artist Ariana Heinzman. These Flower Burst Bud Vases and Wall Flower Tiles are each one-of-a-kind showstoppers abundant with bold, rich color and brilliant botanical forms. 

Both the bud vases and wall tiles are a meditation on the ever-present duality of the desire to escape to nature and the desire to control nature. Drawing inspiration from natural, organic shapes and forms, Heinzman layers brightly contrasting pigments with stylized geometric patterns to create magnificently dynamic pieces. 

The Flower Burst Bud Vases are petite in size—ranging from about 4.5" x 4.75" to 7.5" x 7.5"—and the perfect perch for a single, sensational bloom or stand alone as striking ceramic sculptures. Delicately balancing upon dimensional blossoms, these botanical bursts are positively kaleidoscopic.  

Each of the vases feature a unique design with corresponding colorways to their Wall Flower Tile counterparts. The tiles, ranging from 4.75" x 8.75" to 7.5" x 9", pack all the punch of the bud vases into a two-dimensional triumph. Imagine each wall tile as a single slice of its bud vase parallel.  

Based on Vashon Island outside of Seattle, Heinzman has honed her ceramic practice of hand coiling and cutting to produce breathtaking functional works as re-imagined plantlife designed to live and grow with you. Collect a vase as a future family heirloom. Snag a wall tile to spruce up your small space. Or, display them as a pair for a sensational sculptural array. But hurry! With only seven Flower Burst Bud Vases and ten Wall Flower Tiles, these are sure to go fast. 

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