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Wet your whistle. It's Pisces season! 🐠

Put on your fish fins and head into that hot tub. It’s Pisces season! At 20x200, we can’t think of a better homage to our sensitive associates than a curated collection of wonderfully imaginative art.   

Some of our favorite iconic artists were part of the Pisces posse: Michelangelo. Renoir. Mondrian. It’s safe to say that Pisces have creativity swimming through their veins.  

For Pisces season, we’ve curated a tribute to the most loving and feeling among us. Nothing says, “Thank you for being my own personal therapist and letting me vent about every single one of my problems,” than some 20x200 art. Seriously, all you Pisces are the best. So it’s time to dive into the deep end and check out all our picks here.