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Get comfortable: cozy art selects for next level nesting

Art by Hilma af Klint and William Wegman

All hail the homebodies—this is the season when staying in makes a comeback. Whether your idea of indoor bliss is more candlelit dinner parties or cancelled plans, these artworks double down on the domestic delight. They’re hand-selected by our curatorial team to help you hone in on homey excellence, while making your place look nicer in the process. (Don't forget to add one of our handcrafted custom frames!)

Tackle that reading list from your favorite chair. Get organized. Finally commit to journaling. Call up old friends. Cook more. Get your living room in shelter mag shape. Catch up on that show. Refuse to go out. Sleep in like your life depends on it. Start the indoor inspo with our art picks below.


offSET #29, New York
by Lacey Terrell

Gradient Rainbow Weaving
by Sunwoven

by Jennifer Mason

Red Plastic Plates
by Ann Toebbe

Books Are Magic
by Jenny Kroik

Flowers in a Glass Bowl
by Rachel Ruysch

Victorian Interior II
by Horace Pippin

Small Rohdea Collection I,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Plant Parenthood
by Michelle Rial

Three cats watching fish in an aquarium,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Appleton Street
by Helena Wurzel

Old Flip Clock
by Todd McLellan

Cabins on US 99
by Dorothea Lange

Gust of Wind
by Laura Bell

Time Don't Mean a Thing
by Hiro Kurata