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Resolution: Art! Live Your Best 2018 Life with Art That Inspires

New Year’s resolutions seem like an ace idea before you actually try to act on them. It’s no fun to have to hold yourself accountable! Exercise is hard, standing up for yourself is a contact sport, and donuts are delicious. But you know what? We’ve got your back. Below, some of the resolutions our crew is claiming commitment to at the moment, and some corresponding artworks our curatorial team picked out for a little much-needed motivation. 

So cancel your plans and get more one-on-one time with your books, roll up your sleeves for equal rights, and give the haters the Heisman—we’re here to help you stick with it (or, worst-case scenario, end up with some awesome art)...

RESOLUTION: Get involved.
Resist. by Edel Rodriguez
RESOLUTION: Get physical.
Climbing Wall No. 3 by James Deavin

RESOLUTION: Give fewer f*cks.
Dress Like A Woman by Amber Vittoria
RESOLUTION: Read more!
For a richer, fuller life wake up and read, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
RESOLUTION: Save money.
Why You Shouldn't Buy Art by William Powhida
RESOLUTION: Catch more zzz's.
Lolie, Jumping on the Bed, 2013 by Winky Lewis
RESOLUTION: Work less.
June in January, Miami Beach by Marion Post Wolcott
RESOLUTION: Eat real food.
Ugly Peach by Ian Baguskas
 RESOLUTION: Collect more art!
LWA 10.17 by Kennedy Prints

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