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This one goes out to the one you love: New Matthew Hoffman!

you are loved by Matthew Hoffman
6"x10" ($30) | 14"x21.5" ($175)

Bring on the bouquets and break out the wine. We’re not scared of a little unfiltered affection—especially when it looks as good as today’s laser-cut love letter. Our fresh find from Matthew Hoffman and the follow up to his (sold out!) debut 20x200 edition, you are loved is an exquisitely crafted artwork catch-all for all kinds of fond feelings. This wood piece would make the perfect present for your boo, your bestie, your baby (how freakin’ cute would it be in a nursery?!), your little bro, and let’s not forget: yourself. And it’ll last a whoooole lot longer than a box of chocolates. Plus, it comes in two sizes, ‘cuz love’s not one-size-fits-all...

you are loved manages to be heartfelt but not the least bit corny (no small feat!) and we have Hoffman’s tremendous talent to thank for that. The thoughtful word arrangement, curvy lowercase cursive, and natural wood color are clean, minimal, versatile and modern, with just a subtle wisp of romance. Collect this edition now and it’ll arrive right on time to wrap up with intent for Valentine’s Day.... or Galentine’s Day, or Palentine’s Day, or Wednesday. That’s the beauty of you are loved: it’s a welcome reminder any day.

Hoffman has a way with uncomplicated affirmations. The Chicago-based artist and brains behind the You Are Beautiful project is all about making the world a better place in small (but significant) ways. Take, for instance, the over 3 million “you are beautiful” stickers shared internationally. Or this wood-cut artwork cum life-affirming awesomeness of our dreams (sorry sorry we know it’s sold out). Hoffman’s first edition was a huge hit with our collectors—which, while it didn’t surprise us one bit, made it crystal clear just how very needed this artist’s work really is, and how many of us are receptive to and eager for the good vibes Hoffman hands out.

Snag the 6”x10” you are loved for fits-anywhere, obscenely giftable gorgeousness, or supersize the sentiment with the 14”x21.5” version (and get a better glimpse of that beauteous birch wood grain in the same go). Big or small, this edition is just the right size to put a pinch of fearless, positivity-filled pep in your step. When it comes down to it, we could all use some straight talking self love. And let’s not forget: you are loved works its healing magic on your mood while it ups the ante in your art collection. Double duty, we hardly knew ye.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200