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It’s Virgo season + these satisfyingly organized artworks are ready

Arranging the Rainbow by Lisa Congdon

Channel those hyper-organized, meticulous instincts—it’s Virgo season. This last stretch of summer is the best time for a birthday and … ok ... maybe we’re biased ‘cuz it’s our bday on 9/5, but can you argue with fellow Virgo Queen Bey? You cannot.

To raise a (sparkling clean!) glass to the Earth sign in the spotlight, we’ve curated an ode to venerable Virgo behavior—a supremely satisfying selection of our most orderly, methodical editions. These pieces are love poems for perfectionists, proof of the beauty in precision, eye candy for control freaks. They're tidy, terrific, and ready to bring some type-A Virgo vibes to your home.

Something else that will appeal to the zodiac’s most meticulous sign? The high standards we hold all our prints to! Archival inks and papers make for a museum quality moment, with artist signoff every step of the way. And of course our Artist-Made object editions are also painstakingly produced and inspected. That’s the exacting Virgo energy we always bring to our art offerings [*labels the label maker*], so you can rest easy knowing your art will look awesome for a long time to come.

Check out all our art picks here, then alphabetize your spice rack or color-code that book collection. It’s our astrological duty to encourage you.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Old Phone by Todd McLellan

Yellow Pileup by Don Hamerman

Engine Lathe Shelves by Joseph O. Holmes

The Bison Constellation by Alexander Beeching

Tiny Bowls for Tiny Things by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X by Hilma af Klint

Star Princess by Jeremy Kohm

Blue Marble (Eastern Hemisphere), a 20x200 Space Edition

Immanence by Corey Drieth

Persea: Blakeman, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Shipping Containers by Jenny Odell

Grand Slam by Kellen Hatanaka

Jones Beach Dream (boardwalk) by Chris Mottalini

Osiris Mountain by Hollis Brown Thornton

A Dozen Dynamic Donuts by April Walters

General Store Interior, Moundville, Alabama by Walker Evans

View with Rock Formation, Grand Canyon National Park by Ansel Adams

Fairy Ring by Amy Ross

Ideal Bookshelf 364: NYC by Jane Mount