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We're fauning over flora 🌺

Come faun over flora with us—the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grass is...greening! Have you seen those bright little faces popping up all around you? You’re not seeing things—they’re daffodils. Over at 20x200 we’re feeling gleeful as we watch our sharp, gritty NYC world soften at its edges. We took a wee walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a fun 'lil photoshoot with our new letterpress, Ferns. We'll admit it was a little chillier than we'd hoped it would be, but any sun at all is good for the body and soul.

Have we been planning Spring’s first picnics for months? (One of our team members has been building a "go-basket" for this occasion—we really have Spring fever.) We know there’s still some time before all of New York becomes a patchwork quilt of picnic blankets, but one can dream….we’ll bring ourselves back down to reality soon, but before then, here’s a simple celebration of nature’s party plant: the flower. Luxurious, silly, elegant, intricate, I mean we could go on and on. Each and every blossom is unique and downright gorgeous, just like each one of you. Pick yourself out a stem!