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What does journaling mean to e bond?

Artist e bond makes singularly gorgeous artist booksdrawingscollages, and printed pieces that pulsate with vibrant color, meandering lines, and architectural form. Among her pieces are the stunning one-of-a-kind journals we collaborated with her on this fall, so we asked e what the practice of journaling does for her creatively. 

"Journaling for me encompasses a combination of drawing, writing, collecting sentences, list making, note taking, sketching, etcetera. Over the years, keeping a journal has become more of a life process as opposed to only being used in my creative life", she said.  "The lines blurred long ago, so I usually just use one journal or sketchbook for emptying out all the ideas from my head into a safe space. I don’t know how focused or present I would be if I didn’t have a place to deposit all the disparate thoughts I collect throughout my days."

Same here, e! Team 20x200 is a crew of list-makers, doodlers, scribblers, note-takers, and overall, writers. We share a great love for the physical medium, and are super inspired by the exploration of new ways to use + celebrate it. e's Remnants journals are truly the epitome of art for everyone, everywhere. Each hand-bound book is encased in a unique collaged cover, creating a special opportunity to find space and time for in your everyday whatever you'd like on these pages. This act, and the physical finally-filled journal that you are left with, is truly art.

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