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NEW ART: July 4, Hyannis Port by Joseph O. Holmes

Nature steals the show at the fireworks display in  July 4, Hyannis Port  by  Joseph O. Holmes , giving a golden glow to this American summer tradition.

July 4, Hyannis Port by Joseph O. Holmes
8"x8" ($24) | 11"x11" ($60) | 16"x16" ($240)  | 24"x24" ($1,200) | 40"x40" ($5,000)

 Joseph O. Holmes takes us with him to the Cape, where he captured July 4, Hyannis Port. After all, even diehard New Yorkers like Joe (best known for his photos of the Big Apple) need to beat the city heat this time of year. 

Joe was once bold enough to say quite publicly that "all fireworks photographs are the same." Boy, has he proven himself wrong here—although, it's just that sense of discovery that makes us fall in love with Joe's work over and over again (yes, we've released 27 of his photos!).

In July 4, Hyannis Port, the man on the moon makes a leisurely ascent just in time, as if the sparkling display was meant just for his adornment. Looking at my very favorite of Joe's photographs, I feel like someone touched by chance, happening upon some decisive moment—gone just after his shutter snaps closed. Like Halley's Comet, everything falls perfectly into his frame, showered in a wonderful glow of light, never to appear the same way again in this lifetime. The thing is, I know that provoking such a strong feeling is anything but easy. Joe really works at making pictures. Always shooting, searching, wandering, waiting, so he can bottle it up when he gets himself to the right place at the right time.

This time, he's bottled a perfect summer night just for us with July 4, Hyannis Port.

With art for everyone,
Carrie and Team 20x200