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23 resolutions + art for every one.

Happy New Year!

Need a little arty inspiration and post-holiday pick-me-up? We’re turning to apropos art to help us stick to all those 2023 resolutions we’re making. Art for everyone and everything.

1. Eat breakfast.

2. Eat your veggies.

3. Go adventuring.

4. Go out more.

5. Stay healthy.

6. Save the planet.

7. Get a library card.

8. Learn a new skill.

9. Take better notes.

10. Cook more.

11. Go birdwatching.

12. Bingewatch!

13. Wake up early.

14. Take time for yourself.

15. Learn from your mistakes.

16. Buy more flowers.

17. Look up.

18. Look down.

19. Engage with your community.

20. Get outside.

21. Keep the doctor away.

22. Fight for a cause.

23. Eat your fiber.

24. And one for good luck!